Saturday, January 24, 2009

My baby is ONE!

I look back at these pics in amazment. A year ago today, I was just getting to know my precious little girl. I had just learned the color of her eyes (blue) and her hair (then brown). I saw the ten little fingers and ten little toes and witnessed firsthand the miracle the God had given me. It wasn't until that day that I learned how much you could love someone you just met. What a gift God gives us...
I also can't post without re-telling the day of her birth...or days. I went into Baptist Tuesday night, Jan 22, at 8:00 to be induced. When I got there, I was already in labor, but nothing was dialating. I was so excited that Avery Grace was about to be here! HA! SO induction started. 12 hours later, I was 50% effaced and dialated to a ONE! They started the pitocin and immediately the pains got WAY WORSE. I ended up with an epidural by 12:30pm. Can I add that those were the best things ever invented!
So, we waited and waited. I wanted her to be born on 1-23, for two reasons: one, two three is a "cool" day, AND we have lots more birthdays really close and I wanted her to have her own day. Well, 29 hours later I was at a 10 and started to push. Then after a total of 30 hours my baby was born. On THursday, Jan dad's birthday. Now, I don't care about the day of the year. I'm just so thankful that she is here. She was definitely worth the wait and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I love my precious baby girl...I can't wait for all the years to come...I just wish they went slower (sometimes).

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Bethany said...

I never get tired of baby stories and hospital pictures. There is just pure love ooooozing out! :)
It is hard to see your babies growing up right before your eyes...I know, Tatum just turned 7 and my "baby" is 5! But I look forward to all the "will to comes" with each of them. (Minus the midnight feedings and diaper changes!) :)