Monday, July 14, 2008

more dedication pics

This picture made the whole audience saw "aww" at the same time. Good Job Kelly! This picture was loved by everyone. Plus, Avery Grace was the only girl being dedicated, so she was by far the prettiest of them all!

Here we are posing for a family picture. SO hard to get little ones to look at the camera.

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Christy said...

Oh I could just cry that we weren't able to see this. What a beautiful family you all are! I miss you guys so much! COME MOVE TO AUSTIN. :-) I know i know...won't happen. A girl can dream though. Seriously Avery is soooooo beautiful! What a great picture ya'll used. Just such a cutie.
Miss you and love you! Thank you for your oh so sweet comment on my site. We love you guys! CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOU SOON!